The GPS Maps!

We used a Garmin Forerunner 610 to map the first half of the walk.  We had to shut it down after 6 hours 25 minutes when the battery started to die.


We then switched to MapMyRide on the iPhone.

Here are the results.

Garmin map from East 90th Street on the East River to about 73rd Street on the waterfront of the Upper West Side.


Stats from map 1.


Map 2 overlaps and picked up at about 76th Street and takes us back to the starting point at 90th Street on the East River.


Map 2 stats.


Here’s some detail from our turn at the very northern-most point of the trip, in lovely Inwood Park.


The aggregated distance from the two maps comes to 34.18 miles.  The maps only overlap for about 3 blocks or .15 miles.  So the adjusted total comes to a rough calculation of 34.03 miles.

Here are one set of stats for the whole trip from Cat’s Fitbit.






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